Data Center Migration

Data Center Migration: Planning, Strategy and Execution

The process of deploying and migrating the current data centre from one environment to another is known as data centre migration. This process is a very well-known and beneficial one. The best part about this process is that it does not cause any loss of data, and also the relocation process does not require any physical movement. Above all, it is quite logical. The data centre gets specially designed to provide storage for critical data and some of the organisation’s applications.

The data center migration, as such, is a challenging process as it includes deployment and transfer of data. Though migration may sound simple and easy, it’s the same in reality. There is a plethora of moving parts that one needs to manage throughout the process. Some of them are:

Managing Current Data Center Contractual Obligations

Before implementing any data center migration strategy, you should always conduct a thorough review of the present contractual conditions related to the existing data center from which you are migrating away. If applicable, make sure to go through the termination clause. You have to clear the penalties that may be applicable before leaving. Based on the associated costs regarding termination, you may choose to hold off the migration for a period, or you can also create a more cost-effective strategy.

Communications and Hardware Inventory

Under the data center migration process, this is a mandatory step under which you have to assess the current infrastructure, which most likely includes the entire hardware and communications inventory. Additionally, you also need to update your configuration management database and other asset tracking systems. By doing so, you can understand what challenges might arise during the migration process. You can implement a successful implementation of data strategy if you understand the entire picture at any given time.

Application Inventory Map

You can surely win the data center migration strategy if you do a thorough and comprehensive inventory map of your enterprise applications. By conducting a thorough assessment, you can get an insight regarding what you can alter in your database. Additionally, it allows you to check for redundancies and other things that you can remove through consolidation. Lastly, an inventory of applications also enables you to sort the items. 

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