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How to Choose the Best Data Storage Solution for an Enterprise?

Businesses must consider their needs and plans before choosing an expert who offers enterprise data storage solutions. Data is currently the blood of any business, so it is essential to plan how and where you will store it. Your business and specific data requirements mainly drive your choices. There are many considerations and questions you should ask yourself before deciding on any enterprise data storage solutions.

Here are a few aspects you should keep in mind before getting in touch with an expert providing a data storage solution for your business:

Direct Attached Storage

This type of storage works if your storage requirements are modest, as well as minimum. However, this storage works if you don’t need to store critical or massive data. 

Storage Area Network

This type of storage works if your storage requirements are challenging and also if you need rapid expansions rapidly. Furthermore, to maintain such a system, you need to have staff who support and monitor it. 

Cloud or Remote Storage

This type of storage works if you don’t mind going a little over budget. This storage helps businesses store crucial data and protects it from physical access. 

Hardware Selection

After choosing the best backup storage now, the next one should think about which hardware would match their needs. Some of the things to keep into considerations are:

Hard Drive

There are many popular options when it comes to looking for Hard Drive. One should finally boil down to the hardware that offers a robust read and write speed and have minimum failure rates. Standard hard disk drives are your best bets if you require to store a huge volume of data but don’t require to read/write to the drives at a high rate.


Storage is incomplete without raid configuration. In simple terms, Raid is a technology used to create data redundancy by copying or spreading data across several hard drives.


For almost all types of business data storage projects, the processor is not an essential component in the process of hardware selection.


Just like the processor, data storage servers are ideally not memory intensive. Generally, to facilitate smooth usage of applications on the servers, 16 GB – 32GB of memory is recommended.

Thus, at Apex Techno, we can help you select the best data storage solution for your business by keeping in mind your particular needs, wants, business model, and costs involved.


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