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VMware Services and Support Can Assist Companies in Protecting IT Infrastructure

VMware services and support on AWS is a perfect option to consider when you’re integrating your on-premium work system into the cloud, evicting your data centre, scaling up data centre extensions, aiming at disaster recovery (DR), or focused on enabling remote staff. 

What’s the AWS VMware Cloud?

VMware Cloud on AWS refers to either the VMware infrastructure stack or the VMware cloud base. It incorporates the three infrastructure tech elements that VMware is famous for: vSphere, NSX, and vSAN.

With Apex Techno AWS’s help, you can transfer features to the cloud and reap many advantages of this platform.

Extended Features

There are far more features in the VMware stack than those in the cloud alone. There are even more cloud features that you can create in your setting. VMware Cloud on AWS is much more than a conventional VMware stack. It’s all the usability of NSX, vSAN, and vSphere, including the latest updates, at your disposal, enabling you to still run the latest update of VMware and get access to the latest updates. VMware Services And Support are responsible for servicing, upgrading, and patching. When VMC is installed in AWS, you have immediate access to all AWS cloud features in near close presence to your application, enabling you to enjoy better performance.

Quick to Adapt

When you’re unfamiliar with the cloud and have expertise in VMware, you’ll quickly be able to add the existing on-premise expertise to VMC on AWS. Since vSphere on-premise is just like vSphere on AWS, it is a fully compatible backup solution. The conventional control interface of the vCenter has almost the same user interface and runs in the cloud as that does on-premise. These mirrored interfaces help you retain the commitment you have made in your current VMware management. Keep the headcount and personnel costs down so you wouldn’t have to recruit new talents or challenge existing technicians to improve their skill set.

Agile Scaling Capability

Since the safety measures of COVID-19 sent 80-90 percent of the staff home, companies scrambled to allow and safeguard their new remote employees. Data centres and BDi farms have not been designed to scale the traffic, and it is merely not feasible to construct new data centres as soon as required. Organisations wanted to identify already-built hardware and usable data centres and applications that could quickly fulfill their needs, so it is the best backup solution. VMC on AWS fixes the issue because it’s designed to scale without the drawbacks of on-premise environments.

Low Cost

Chances are, you still use VMware and know it as a luxury brand, but if you look at the cost purely from a computed point of view, it may seem as if the cost is higher. However, if you sum all the personal expenses you pay without VMC – including real estate, equipment, programme maintenance, staff numbers, administration, travel costs – and relate it to VMC on AWS, you see the cost-benefit ratio in favour of VMC. And extra money can be saved as you accept all administrative positions that are no longer your obligation. VMware also provides a hybrid loyalty scheme with rewards and discounts for consumers who have already participated in the VMware community.


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