Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid Cloud are two clouds which are separate, secure and linked.’ Often a public, private or community and might also co-locate, more often we see an on premise server and application in the cloud running together to provide a business’s IT high end promises for high availability. These kind of configurations are designed for the client.

  • Reduced Cost

    As a Apex Techno we carried many business for cost benefit. often as a primary driver for Hybrid Cloud Solutions is security. We will ensure that resources, hardware, operational needs and client mandates are all considered to give you well considered options.

  • Security & Control

    We often hear concerns over so many applications creeping into the business and where your data actually ends up, it can sometime take some digging, and having to dig into a number of applications. Hybrid can make this much easier and reduce the amount of international applications.

  • Business Community

    Within our clients Business Continuity planning is backups, our preferred method is a base image with incremental backups. Along with this should be a plan of who is responsible for actioning the plan with us. Our managed service will provide for setting up and duplicating your business exactly as it was within an agreed time frame, depending on the category this can be from minutes to a next working day full operation.

  • As Server Support

    We can setup these kind of setup for their client for high availability for the work. We can develop as per the client requirements solutions can designed for you by our senior technical staff, it’s important to understand business operational methodologies as well as technical architecture. As Apex Techno can meets your budget is our objective.


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  • IT Disaster recovery maturity Assessment

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Get the most out of your technology investment with transformative integrated business IT solutions that enable you to achieve essential business goals and seize valuable opportunities for growth.ensure the campaign is successful.

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