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Apex is dedicated to shaping a better working world by delivering insightful and high-quality services that foster trust in all markets and empower economies globally. Our purpose guides our strong team to innovate in areas of environment sustainability. By offering integrated services across IT, Consulting, Strategy, and sustainability, we enable clients to navigate risks, seize opportunities, and drive responsible growth. Committed to sustainable, inclusive economic progress, we invest in innovation and collaborate to make a meaningful impact.

Corporate responsibility

Corporate responsibility

Apex is committed to acting responsibly and with a long-term vision that benefits all stakeholders, driven by our core purpose of creating a better working world.


Lets join forces!

Apex team is keen to explore collaborative ventures that enhance our collective impact. We invite you to get in touch to explore new opportunities.

Apex is dedicated to promoting the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and aligning its strategies and operations with the principles of sustainability and corporate governance. Through various initiatives, Apex commits to helping organizations achieve their sustainability targets while enhancing efficiency and reducing costs. Apex's team, with over 200 years of collective experience, supports over many companies in their sustainability journeys, aiming to create a positive impact on the environment and society while significantly reducing their energy expenditure

Building a Sustainable and Inclusive Future

Apex is committed to creating significant positive change by addressing the pressing issues of climate change and social inequality. With a focused vision, Apex aims to foster a world that is environmentally sustainable, socially equitable, and economically inclusive. Though our global initiatives, Apex's dedication is significant, with targeted efforts to contribute meaningfully toward the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through strategic, impactful actions tailored to their capabilities and reach.

Our sustainability services

Our commercial energy management services cover the full spectrum, giving you visibility and control to inspire transformational change. We follow a simple 4-Step process of Audit, Efficiency Improvement, Cost-Saving Solutions and Ongoing Management.


For all large and small businesses, continuously auditing and validating energy bills is essential to ensure accurate charges. Apex understands that multi-site operations often face overcharges due to billing errors, given the complexity of managing numerous locations and meters. Our utility bill validation service, renowned for its thoroughness, has successfully reclaimed significant amounts for our clients by identifying and resolving billing discrepancies.

Apex uses market-leading bill validation software that is customised and extended to gather and analyse data, and ensure we spot every discrepancy. This allows us to do more bespoke reporting for our clients.


Apex provides comprehensive energy efficiency solutions tailored for large businesses, encompassing everything from optimizing supply contracts and validating bills to in-depth energy data analysis and implementing broad-scale energy-saving initiatives. With Apex, your business could see energy costs and consumption decrease by up to 40%.


Navigating energy procurement can be complex, potentially impacting your company's financial planning. Apex emphasizes cost control for accurate forecasting and proactive strategies. We prioritize transparency, integrity, and expertise, distinguishing our approach from typical energy brokers. Our team, seasoned in UK and European markets, collaborates with leading suppliers to tailor innovative solutions that align with our clients' unique needs.


By implementing energy efficiency projects, we see a huge decline in energy wastage for our clients.

At Apex, we aim to spearheading energy conservation initiatives by employing cutting-edge solutions for significant client benefits. Our seasoned team specializes in deploying efficient energy-saving measures across diverse sectors, achieving remarkable outcomes for prominent UK organizations. Apex is synonymous with superior customer support, seamlessly aligning with your company to craft customized strategies aimed at minimizing waste and optimizing energy expenditure. As your reliable ally, we leverage advanced technology and our expertise to drive transformative results.


Our experience and expertise allows us to identify where energy can be saved and proactively reduce your business energy costs quickly and effectively.

We work closely with your energy team to tailor our energy saving solutions to your specific needs. The following are some of the energy saving projects that we offer:

  • Lighting upgrades, controls and refits – our innovative energy saving lighting solutions have saved businesses millions of pounds

  • BMS/building controls installation, optimisation and support

  • Plant efficiency measures

  • Plant / system upgrades and technology changes

  • Time of day / peak cost avoidance measures

You can see energy efficiency project examples that we’ve completed for some of the UK’s leading multi-site businesses.


Apex Energy provide Ongoing Energy Management Services and outstanding levels of support to businesses.

As part of our energy management services, Apex offers ongoing day-to-day support and expertise. This way we can make sure that energy management becomes an operational norm, not just a one-off project.

As your integrated energy partner, we offer a dedicated and personable service that exploits any opportunities to make further savings and helps you achieve your long-term energy goals.

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